Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic and Dental Procedures

Offering safe, dependable, and technologically-advanced medical services at rates that are very affordable, Costa Rica is a popular location for Westerners to indulge in cosmetic and dental surgery. Improvements in the past few decades in social programs involving health and education, as well as the bolstering of infrastructure and privatized medicine in the country, has generated a model of health and well-being that resembles that of highly developed western nations. In addition, clients can choose to stay in the country after the procedure and take time to heal and recover on the beach under the shade of the tropical foliage.

One of the most appealing aspects of having cosmetic procedures done in Costa Rica is the inexpensive cost. Rates are, on average, 25% less than the States for cosmetic surgery, and even less for dental procedures. For example, a non-precious metal crown in Costa Rica will cost about US$200-250, while the same procedure in the United States will go for about US$600.

The high cost of cosmetic surgery in the U.S. is unquestionably determined by the purely aesthetic nature of the procedure. Unlike health insurance providers in the U.S., prices in Costa Rica are determined by the complexity of the surgery itself and not the motivation with which patients desire the service. Still, some potential clients will equate affordability with a decline in quality. This is clearly not true when you consider the extensive education and training of physicians in Costa Rica, their exceptionally healthy population, and the advanced facilities within which surgeons perform operations.

Like doctors in the U.S., medical doctors in Costa Rica receive formal university training followed by a postgraduate residency program. The latter ensures that they have extensive practical knowledge in their specialty. In addition, all medical physicians must meet general requirements to be a member of the Costa Rican Doctors' and Surgeons' Association (232-3433, fax: 232-2406, Dentists, on the other hand, are certified by the Costa Rican Surgeons and Dentists Association (256-3100,

Before a cosmetic or dental procedure is performed a client must be approved by the medical staff based on a series of pre-operational tests. Blood work and cardiovascular fitness tests are conducted and the whole visit can take up to two hours.

After the procedure a patient will usually stay in Costa Rica for about seven to ten days. During this time they can combine their recuperation period with a bit of easy and relaxing traveling. In fact, all-inclusive package are available for those that don't want to worry about any additional costs while visiting. These include air and ground travel, room and board, and all medical costs.


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